When and how to block Flipagram followers

News 03:09 September 2023:

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The block feature was introduced on Flipagram to allow one to block Flipagram followers that they do not want to have around as their followers. There are many advantages to using this feature. You get to keep stalkers and other annoying people away from your page. It is a good way to maintain privacy especially when you notice that a person has been delving into your private business too much. The feature could however cost you followers if you use it too often. You need to use it as a last precaution since most people will not want to follow a person with a reputation for blocking people.

When you are dealing with annoying Flipagram followers or someone you do not want to follow you, you can block them using this simple step. You have to identify the user and head to their profile. At the top of your screen is a ‘…’ icon. Tap on the icon which will bring out a dialog box or a menu. Select the block on the menu and you will have blocked that user.f1

Everything you need to Know about Flipgram Followers

Roughly less than two years ago, little did people know about an app known as Flipgram. Today however, you can find Flipgram on top chats of social networks that deal with photos and videos. Basically, Flipgram is a social network that allows people to make short slideshows with their photo albums. From there, they can share these videos on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram or via email. Below we shall look at how you can join and start using this app, to how you can gain thousands ofFlipgram followers in a matter of week.

Before we move on, are you on Flipgram? Because if not; you are missing a lot.  To start with, you are probably missing the nostalgia that comes with seeing your old Instagram photos paraded alongside your throw back pictures from Facebook.  On the other hand, you are missing the fun that comes with watching your friends’ most beautiful pictures; all in one video. And it doesn’t end there. Currently, there are more than 40 million active Flipgram users, and they flip billions of photos and videos every month. These are such huge number of people whose pictures you could enjoy watching.

The good part however, is that joining flipgram and making your first few followers is not a hard task. You only need to download the Flipgram app from Apple’s IOS store or from the Android store. After that, open the app and hit the ‘start’ button. And if you followed everything correctly, the next step should be the app asking you for permission to upload pictures from your photo library or from other social networks. Note however that with social networks, you must first of all be logged in for Instagram to access the photos in there.f2

Once you have a variety of photos in your flipgram account, you can then choose which ones to make your first slideshow with. Flipgrams actually gives you the prerogative to choose whichever photos you want to use. You can also categorize your photos and make different slideshows for your different flipgram followers, but that comes in later. You can also choose to place your pictures either chronologically or at random, choose what music to accompany your slideshow and what photos to delete before you finally post the show for all your followers to see.

Most people on Flipgram can admit that posting your first slideshow isn’t the difficult part; but attracting followers who can regularly view your photos. However, it is not such a daunting task if you already made it on other social networks.  It is a normal social network after all, and people will follow you based on how much you interact with them. Posting your photos more often for instance or using hash tags can also help add your Flipgram followers. People also follow back people who comment on their pictures or reply to their comments. But since Flipgram is still not very popular, you may need to work harder on other social networks and invite them to follow you on Flipgram.