Likes versus Followers

News 02:09 September 2023:

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If you are reading this, you are definitely on Instagram.  Do you know how many people share the platform at any given time?   Available research indicates that the platform has over one million users.  Who would not want to receive Instagram likes from a platform with such a large number of users.   Some of the secrets or hacks that those with more likes have done are connecting their accounts with another social media platform.  To many this does not seem to make sense but believe you me, it’s real.

Why is it that users prefer Instagram likes compared to followers.  Liking is not limited to people who follow you it gives you a wider section of users on the platform.  Users easily identify with people who appreciate their photos or comments and before you realise it, such will become your followers.  Incredible! Isn’t it?  The secret is quite simple, the more likes you have the higher your likes will be.  Don’t be limited to your group spread your wings when it comes to liking.   It comes with awesome results.